HTML, Javascript (React, AngularJS, JQuery, HandleBars, Electron, WinJS)
CSS (SCSS, LESS, bootstrap, Font-Awesome)
IOS & Android Apps via React-Native, Android SDK, Swift
Java (Native Android App & Servlet), SQL, C#
Adobe Experience Management (AEM)
Visual Studio, XCode, Android Studio, Eclipse, VS Code, Git, SVN

Recent Work

Video Streaming App

Working on a Netflix-like application using React Native/Expo/Redux. The app will stream video from open source APIs

US Driving Theory Test

Using React Native / Redux / Expo to write a theory driving test for all States of U.S., including all vehicle types.

Quiz Multiple Choice App

Rewrite a multiple choice test base application using React Native from my original native Android and native iOS (Swift) apps. The base code is highly scalable and reusable so that it can be used and extends to many multiple choice app such as Canadian/US/UK/Australia Citizenship Tests, Canada/US/UK Driving Test (multiple vehicle types), School Subjects, etc...

Catch Them Game

Catching fruits game. The subject of the game is to catch as much fruits as you can and avoid bombing, TNT.

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