HTML, Javascript (React, AngularJS, JQuery, HandleBars, Electron, WinJS)
CSS (SCSS, LESS, bootstrap, Font-Awesome)
IOS & Android Apps via React-Native, Android SDK, Swift
Java (Native Android App & Servlet), SQL, C#
Adobe Experience Management (AEM)
Visual Studio, XCode, Android Studio, Eclipse, VS Code, Git, SVN

Recent Work

Video Streaming App

Working on a Netflix-like application using React Native/Expo/Redux. The app will stream video from open source APIs

Quiz Multiple Choice App

Rewrite a multiple choice test base application using React Native from my original native Android and native iOS (Swift) apps. The base code is highly scalable and reusable so that it can be used and extends to many multiple choice app such as Canadian/US/UK/Australia Citizenship Tests, Canada/US/UK Driving Test (multiple vehicle types), School Subjects, etc...

Franklin Covey - The Leader In Me

One of three main developers in Agile team of 12. Responsible for building reusable AEM components and templates, building complex community page and post builder, as well as overall stability and performance of the site. Developed using AEM 6.1, Java, Apache Sling Servlets, Sightly, JS, JQuery, Handlebars, Bootstrap, and SCSS


Developer on a team of two to create an Android app to act as a front end for the Epix collection of movies and TV shows. The app allowed the user to browse, favourite, and watch movies and TV shows on their android device. It was built using the Android SDK ( in Java ) with Eclipse and Android Studio.

Shutterfly - ThisLife

Software developer in an Agile team of over 20 members (Android, iOS, UX, QA teams) from both Ensemble and Shutterfly developing a native Android mobile app that helped user to manage and share photos, videos, albums, moments. Responsible for building new features in multiple Agile sprints as well as bug fixes. My role was mainly fixing bugs, improve performance, and build couple features of Android app during 4 months working on the project.

Proteus - Helius

Software developer responsible for implementation of add-on features of Android medical app and a web administration tools; ensuring cross browser compatibility for the web, partner branding, maintaining and bug fixing. The app presents medical data captured from an adhesive patch that monitors a marker embedded in an ingestible placebo. The placebo is ingested along with doses of a medicine so that the time of day can be associated with the intake. The patch can also record other medical data which can then be shared, through the app, with other parties.

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